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How to Contribute

We're always looking for people to help make Mylar3 even better, and there are a number of ways to do this:

Bug Reporting / Enchancement Requests

Bugs (issues) and Enhancements are encouraged to be reported on the Github issue tracker, provided that you:

  • Search existing recent OPEN issues. If an issue is closed, please don't add to it even if you think it's relevant.
  • Always follow the issue template!
  • Use the CarePackage button on the config page if you need help collecting information.
  • Close your issue when it's solved!


Documentation has been sparse for Mylar over the years, so we're trying to fix things.

We're in need of help with Setup guides for specific OS'.

The more information we have on the wiki the better.

Contributing code (Pull Requests)

  • Reach out to us on our forums, discord, or IRC if you have any questions

    Pull Requests

    • Only make pull requests against the python3-dev branch - never master!
    • You're probably going to get some comments or questions from us, they will be to ensure consistency and maintainability
    • Each PR should come from its own feature branch not the python3-dev branch in your fork, with a meaningful name (what is being added/fixed)
    • Make meaningful commits, squash them if necessary
    • Try to keep it to one feature/bug fix per pull request to keep things clean and easy to understand

Assisting others with Mylar3

This one is pretty simple - we can't be everywhere to help out everyone with their problems related to Mylar3. We try our best, but we are not going to get them all.

Helping someone, whether it's on the forums, discord, or IRC or even some other place that we don't monitor (ie. reddit), means that we can concentrate on other aspects of the program.

Financial donation

While it's not necessary, it's obviously very much appreciated as we incur expenses for server and associated domain costs.

You can find our available donation links within the configuration page of the application.